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Many truckers on the road today find themselves one costly repair away from big financial problems. If you’re an owner/operator, you know exactly what we’re talking about. With an average commercial truck repair costing more than $10,000, many truckers find themselves sidelined when their big rigs break down, because the cash and credit just isn’t there.

When this happens, we want you to know that Keep It Truckin’ is here to help. Our dedicated trucking finance team has years of experience finding quality loans for trucking companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are struggling with poor credit or simply lack the money to fund necessary repairs, we will find a semi truck financing plan that works for you.

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Semi Truck Financing & Loan Options

As you well know, the trucking industry is experiencing rough times. Keep It Truckin’ understands this and has acquired strategic alliances with reliable lenders that can finance your trucking repairs – even if you have fallen victim to this economic dilemma. Here are some benefits of our flexible truck repair and refinancing programs:

  • Bruised Credit is OK
  • Minimum Down Payments
  • Available Credit Lines up to $35,000
  • EZ Payment Plans to Fit Your Budget
  • EZ Payment Terms up to 36 months

Whether you are suffering from “bruised” or extreme credit challenges, you need someone who will lend you a hand to finance the trucks and equipment you need. Talk to our truck financing team today if you want to see what we can do. Commercial truck purchase and repair loans can be just a step away, because at Keep It Truckin’ we believe that our clients are about much more than a credit score.

Customized Financing Plans

Our job is to understand your individual financial circumstances and business needs so that we can pursue the best deal possible. When crafting a customized semi truck financing plan that works within your budget, we are not obligated to any particular lender – we’re obligated to you. So feel free to Contact Us any time. We have hundreds of registered truck centers across the country, and would love to hear from you today!

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